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Elements of a changing World - conference in Paris and Le Havre

Former Minister Hawlicek and Arlt at the 32 Soyfer Symposion 21.11.2023 in Vienna

Former Minister of Culture Hilde Hawlicek and Herbert Arlt

Peter Marboe and Herbert Arlt at the 32 Soyfer Symposion 21.11.2023 in Vienna

Former Head of Culture of Austrian Foreign Ministery Peter Marboe and Herbert Arlt

Installation in the context of the World Mobile Congress 2024 from 26 to 29 Februar 2024 in Barcelona

New perspectives will not come from the battlefields in Europe, Gaza, Africa, Asia.”
— Herbert Arlt
VIENNA, AUSTRIA, February 26, 2024 / -- The world is changing. There are a lot of platforms to influence the change. There are platforms which support the change with military force. And there are platforms for globalization with human face and a culture of peace.

The poet for peace and humanisation is Jura Soyfer. He was born 1912 in Tsarist Russia. 1920 he and his family arrived in Vienna. His mother language was Russian and early he learned French and wrote his first poems in French. In Austria he learned German and was murdered with 26 years in the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald on 16.2.1939. His works are now translated in over 50 languages, including an important translation in English:

The play of today is "The End of the World". In Vienna the 32nd Soyfer Symposion from 21 to 24 November 2023 showed the relevance: translations, books, theatre performances, exhibition in World Museum, Hollywood film. Artists, scientists are interested in this play because Soyfer is not a prophet of the end of the world. He shows in his play that the end of the world also can be a business model. He knows about the threat of the upcoming world war, the terror of the Nazi (which included at that time not the mass murder with industrial methods: the gas chambers). Soyfer saw a future for human beings also in the face of the threats:

But the threat of today is not only the destruction of the habitability of the earth by atomic bombs, world war with even new weapons. Also the production form of the Iron Age (first described by Ovid about two thousand years ago) could make the earth inhabitable.

Because of these threats new cooperations are necessary. One platform for that is since the summit in Indonesia in 2022 G20. The G20 summit in India 2023 opened a new role for Africa in the world. And the suggestion for an alternative silk road of Narendra Modi and Joe Biden showed that the future is not the militarization of the markets. But the war of Netanyahu in Gaza blocks the economic perspective of new production and new distribution especially for India, USA, European Union.

Another war blocks also the future of EU and USA. The consequences of the sanctions against the Russian Federation are a deindustrialisation of Europe, because gas and oil are going now to Asia, a new financial system comes up:
New perspectives will not come from the battlefields in Europe, Gaza, Africa, Asia. New possibilities only will be reality when there is a new cooperation organized via United Nations. But that needs a reform of the United Nations and its international organizations.

Most important in this context are the suggestion of President Lula da Silva at the General Assembly of the United Nations and at the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of G20 in Brasilia in February 2024. That these suggestions were accepted gives hope.

An important context for a new United Nation is the Rise of Asia. From 21 to 23 February 2024 a conference in Paris and Le Havre took place. It was organized by Darwis Khudori and his team. This is a group of independent University scholars from multiple countries which had influence also on the G20 summits in Indonesia and India and will have for the summits in Brasilia in July 2024 and South Africa in 2025.

There were a lot of suggestions at his conference which will be important for UN. One aspect is that United Nations was founded in the name of the people not in the name of nations. So people shall play in the future a new rule. This gives also new possibilities for culture. Culture was misused since the 19th century for a new warfare in the context of new weapons and mass communication. Everything was misused: from cooking to languages, the arts, science, research.

But the division of cultures is a construction. Its craziest form is the construction of the evil which played an important role for Fascists, Nazi. But cultures in reality show the unifying aspects [ ] because of the same forms of praxis which make the world habitable for human beings. The violence has no future. After the millions of deaths in Second World War, the destruction of the world came the foundation of the United Nations, the Declaration of the Human Rights. Declared was 1948 that every human being has the right of a just world. And there is an article that the Human Rights Declaration shall not be misused for political causes.

This time it would be necessary to come to a new cooperation before a Third World War, before the world will be inhabitable for human beings. The main idea of the foundation of the European Union was that nationalism means conflict war. Nationalism is the background also for the conflicts, the militarization of the world of today. Jura Soyfer, the suggestions of President Lula da Silva show there are other possibilities to act. And this includes also the way of production. The installation of new energy in the context of the World Mobile Congress 2024 in Barcelona shows that not violence against nature is the future. The Iron Age can end in all its negative aspects for human beings.

The donation of new energy to the United Nation could bring a new perspective for a world currency. And when the reason for World War I and World War II were currencies a new currency in the control of a reformed, democratic United Nations organization could be important for a culture of peace. It seems that the new cooperations are on the way.

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